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Chair’s Message

Languages, an essential component of the liberal arts, broaden your intellectual horizon and refine your capacity for critical inquiry. Languages provide you with cross-cultural experiences and a global citizen mindset, both of which are valued today more than ever in many career fields.

Companies also are increasingly demanding employees who can comfortably work with colleagues from different cultures. Our graduates often gain advantage over other job seekers as they compete in a wide variety of fields — teaching, translation services to diplomatic foreign service, customs and border agencies, international law enforcement, travel and tourism, immigration, broadcast journalism and advertisement, business and finance, export-import enterprises, public-health services, federal and municipal government, and university international student services.

At AddRan College of Liberal Arts, you’ll study alongside nearly 350 students majoring or minoring in Spanish and Hispanic studies. You’ll graduate with sharpened critical and analytical skills, plus practical knowledge about the real world.

Steven Sloan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies