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Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language in terms of native speakers, numbering 400 million. With a total of 45 million speakers in the United States, Spanish is quickly becoming another—rather than a foreign—language in America.


Developing a working knowledge of Spanish is increasingly important for employment in many areas of the country.


Our department offers a dynamic program that goes well beyond Spanish grammar to prepare students as global citizens. Our curriculum explores diverse dimensions of the Spanish-speaking world, including vocational and experiential learning — literature, health, business, translation, popular culture and more. Our classes emphasize cross-cultural approaches to understanding today’s world, and you’ll gain the ability to recognize cultural differences as a positive dimension of humanity.

As an AddRan student, you’ll identify and analyze the forces that drive the world: politics, anthropology, religion, race and many others. The common thread throughout all your classes is understanding — and ultimately improving — the human condition. By majoring in Spanish and Hispanic studies, you’ll expand your cultural network, broaden your appreciation of other cultures, and gain a better understanding of yourself.


Explore courses in both major and minor tracks of study, including:

  • BA in Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • BA in Latin American Studies
  • Minor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • Minor in Spanish for Business Professions
  • Minor in Spanish for Health Professions

Areas of Study

Expand your horizons with study abroad in more than 50 countries, service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe.

Study Abroad

At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain specific knowledge and skills for a career. You’ll learn by doing, stepping outside the classroom to turn your ideas into action. Internships are invaluable for helping sort out which career path most interests you.


tcu careers

At TCU, you’ll have access to a career consultant who works exclusively with AddRan students. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your career coach who will assess and analyze what you need most. You’ll learn how courses, internships and service projects can broaden the experience on your resume. Learn more about everything career services has to offer Spanish and Hispanic Studies majors.

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