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Expand your horizons by studying abroad in more than 50 countries, plus service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe. In addition to TCU’s semester, summer and short-term programs, sociology and anthropology students explore the world through global courses:


Leadership London: Social and Cultural Contexts of Leadership

This site-based learning course incorporates culturally, politically and historically meaningful places into the study of leadership. This course satisfies requirements for the following courses: SOCI 30923 (Global Awareness, and Citizen and Social Values credit), ANTH 30923 and CRJU 30223, Students can take three or six hours and courses count toward major and minor credit. This course is open to students from any major.

You’ll visit Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tower of London, Churchill’s War Museum, Charles Darwin’s home and laboratory, The Marie Curie Institute in Paris, Freud’s Museum, Hampton Court Palace, Royal Courts of Justice and much more. For more information, contact Dr. Carol Thompson at


Japan: Heritage, Culture and Globalization

Tour ancient Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, imperial palaces, warlord castles and Zen gardens—all in the Land of the Rising Sun. Contrast ultra-modern and glitzy Tokyo, which is at the cutting edge of entertainment and popular culture, and Kyoto, a city lost in time, steeped in cultural tradition and the soul of Japan. Soak up the hot springs and mud baths of the resort town of Hakone, near Mount Fuji, and then travel to the Hiroshima Peace Park to gain full insight into the problem of war in an atomic age.

You will attend a baseball game for a Japanese take on America’s pastime and sit ringside at a Sumo match, an age-old sporting tradition. From Tokyo Disneyland to the world’s largest fish market, you will experience the best of Japan. You will have fun, all the while learning of Japanese criminal justice—from Koban policing to Yakuza crime lords. Additionally you will explore the struggles and successes of this country’s environmental and sustainability movements.

This course satisfies requirements for the following courses: SOCI/CRJU 30953 — Japan: Crime, Criminal Justice and Social Problems and SOCI/CRJU 30963 — Japan: Environment, Technology, and Sustainability. Both courses will satisfy advanced elective requirements in sociology and criminal justice. Students may take one or both courses.

For more information, contact Dr. Keith Whitworth  at or Dr. Pat Kinkade at


Scandinavia: Sociology and Sustainability

Tour fairytale palaces in Sweden and Denmark and experience the unmistakable quaintness of Norway. Escape the 100-degree Texas days with an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, and a brisk swim in a Norwegian fjord. Beautiful Scandinavia awaits, and you can earn up to six hours of sociology and criminal justice credits during an unforgettable educational and cultural experience.  Visit Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo to learn how Scandinavia charms visitors with its grand castles, international shopping, majestic architecture, world-class dining and romantic waterways.

This course satisfies requirements for the following courses: SOCI 30373 — Scandinavia: Sociology and Sustainability and CRJU 30233 — Contemporary Topics: Crime and Justice in Scandinavia. For more information, contact Dr. Keith Whitworth at or Dr. Pat Kinkade at


Multicultural France:  Citizenship, Identity and Nationalism

Multicultural France offers cultural immersion through a unique lens. Students explore migration to France from historical, political science, economic, social sciences and anthropological perspectives. You’ll experience an intersection of migratory life and French culture through service-learning projects and homestays in Montpellier, a university city on the Mediterranean with residents of diverse North African and European origins. Students volunteer in schools, hospitals and social work organizations with career objectives in mind. The program includes field trips to Paris and southern French towns. You can also earn three credits of French language study at your level, but the program accommodates students without French language skills.

This course satisfies requirements for the following courses: French 30173 and ANTH 30973. It also fulfills French and anthropology major and minor requirements, as well as Honors College Cultural Visions.

For more information, contact Dr. Marie Schein at or 817-257-6366, or Dr. David Sandell at or 817-257-4677.

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