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Faculty and Staff

The religion department at TCU is home to a number of dedicated faculty and staff members who strive to fulfill the department’s mission. You can view their profiles below.



Dee James Atwood
Antoinette E. DeNapoli
Mark Dennis
Patricia Duncan
J. Sage Elwell
Ariel Feldman
Elizabeth Flowers
C. David Grant
Melanie L. Harris
Jack A. Hill
Nadia M. Lahutsky
Scott M. Langston
Darren J. N. Middleton
David P. Moessner
Santiago Piñón
Jan Jaynes Quesada
Samuel J. Ross
Yushau Sodiq

Emeritus Professors

Claudia V. Camp
Ronald B. Flowers
Andrew O. Fort
David M. Gunn

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Faculty & Staff Directory