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Eboo Patel

About Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel is the son of immigrant Ismaili Muslim parents, a Rhodes Scholar, and the founder of the Interfaith Youth Core.  An eloquent advocate for religious pluralism and dialogue, he is the author of two books. His memoir, Acts of Faith, narrates his struggle to embrace his religious identity. September 11th and the religious justification for violence dismayed him and led him to found the Interfaith Youth Core, a nonprofit that promotes mutual understanding in the context of shared service. Patel’s second book, Sacred Ground is nothing short of a love song to the importance of religion and democratic ideals. In addressing these topics at TCU, Dr. Patel will engage concerns of urgent relevance in today’s cultural conversation.

Interfaith Leadership Today: Building a Healthy Religiously Diverse Democracy

Watch the full lecture below.