TCU English Department: More than a degree


Texas Christian University harbors an environment for important conversations, intellectual enrichment, and diverse exploration – and TCU’s English Department is no exception.

The TCU English Department recently released a video that showcases the Department’s dedication to diversity in academia. The video includes depictions of graduate student life and why diversity is important, spoken by students who represent diverse intellectual backgrounds and research traditions.

“Our department offers a welcoming home for whatever kind of work potential applicants want to do,” Dr. Mona Narain, the director of the TCU English Department promotional video said. “We are keen to encourage students and we want to continue to let new students flourish here, as well.”

The students featured in the video include graduate students in TCU’s doctoral program, whose research emphases range from children’s literature to global English traditions. This diverse range in studies showcases the importance of different backgrounds in order to enrich intellectual drive within the English Department at TCU.

“We want to depict that our department is at the forefront of manifesting TCU’s mission to train global citizens,” Dr. Mona Narain said. “This is a product of concentrated effort of how departments work and how it draws on various intellectual traditions.”

To learn more about the diverse exploration within TCU’s Department of English, check out the Department website at