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The Mission

(Note: Current TCU students enrolled in French, Chinese, or German classes and who are sophomores, juniors, or seniors may apply to live in the Language House.)

The Language House Program has four central goals:

  1. The program helps students gain speaking fluency and listening comprehension more quickly, thoroughly, and idiomatically than is normally possible in the classroom setting.
  2. The improvements in linguistic competence are accompanied by increased intellectual understanding and psychological connectedness to the cultures in which the languages are spoken.
  3. The shared learning and living experiences should foster a sense of group identity while at TCU as well as create enduring friendships that will continue long after students leave the university.
  4. The Language House experience should create citizens who by virtue of their linguistic and cultural expertise and their robust interest in a larger world, will be prepared to flourish in a global community.

These goals are realized by offering a residential setting in which residents, the peer coordinators, faculty, staff from Residence Life as well as many others from TCU and elsewhere participate in daily activities and special events designed to promote language and cultural learning in a supportive and congenial setting.



The “TCU Language House” is located in the heart of the campus on the second floor of Mabee Hall within the Tom Brown-Pete Wright Residence. The student-residents live in quad apartments within a short walking distance to all the classroom buildings, the Brown-Lupton Union, the Mary Couts Burnett library, and right next door to the Rickle Recreation Center.

A multi-language and multicultural lounge accommodates small group meetings and events. This communal space is shared with the other residents of Mabee Hall to foster cultural awareness and interest in the activities of the two Language Houses.


Who can live in the Language House?

Current TCU students of sophomore standing and beyond who are studying French, Chinese, or German at TCU have the opportunity to live in the Mabee Hall suites, practice the language in everyday situations and immerse themselves in the cultures.

This immersive experience bolsters language and cultural abilities, equips students for a more in-depth study abroad experience and provides an opportunity for those returning from abroad to continue their progress in their target language.

(Note: Native or near-native speakers who would like to live in the Language House may apply, but priority is given to language learners.)

For information about the Language House, contact the faculty advisors:


Chinese House

Dr. Guangyan Chen



French House

Dr. Marie Schein



German House

Dr. Jeffrey Todd



To download the application, please open the link below.

2019 Language House Application Form (fill)