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In addition to TCU’s full range of scholarships, AddRan offers competitive scholarships for liberal arts majors in writing, Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC and Spanish.

The following scholarships and awards are available only to modern language studies students.


Edward A. Bell Scholarship for French

This scholarship is awarded annually by the department to an outstanding student of French. Students who are majors or minors in French, and who have an overall GPA of at least 3.0, and a GPA of 3.6 in French classes taken at TCU, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Ernest Allen Award for Outstanding Senior in Modern Language Studies

This is an award for the outstanding senior majoring in either French or German. Selection is based on academic achievement and student engagement with activities and programs related to their major.


Jean Knecht Award for Academic and Service Excellence in French

This award recognizes the work of a French minor or major who not only demonstrates sustained success in his or her French studies course work, but who also engages in service-learning through French, and/or participates in other types of programs that promote the study of French in the local and/or global community.