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Chair’s Message

Through our teaching and research, we strive to further the understanding of all facets of other cultures.


Our goal in each of our languages is to develop a full range of courses that go beyond basic language skills and teach students how to improve communication among people and nations.


Among our faculty we have experts in diverse fields of study such as language pedagogy; Chinese culture; Francophone literature and culture; 16th and 17th century French literature; German diaries, film and literature in the post-1945 period; 20th century German poetry; translation studies; the modern reception of classical Greece and Rome; Sicilian literary culture; Italian cinema; and Mediterranean studies.

We offer our students multiple ways to experience other cultures, including through foreign film festivals, musical events, guest lectures, conversation tables, language clubs, residential living communities based on a language and, of course, study abroad.

Blake Hestir, Ph.D
Chair, Department of Modern Languages
Professor, Department of Philosophy