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Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta, a national honor society, promotes the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. More information is available at the national website.

BecomingĀ a Member

If you are interested in joining, please contact faculty adviser Dr. Alex Hidalgo.

Initiation is held each spring at the honors banquet.

Requirements for eligibility
Undergraduate students must have 12 completed history credits at TCU; a 3.0 overall GPA, and a 3.1 GPA in history courses. Membership is not limited to history majors or minors.

Graduate students need to complete a minimum of 12 semester hours toward the MA in history and have a GPA above 3.5.

Grace Backus, Ashton Croft, Emily Fletcher, Jason Ford, Josh Jackson, Alma Luna, Macie Martin, Albert Nungaray, Amelia Tighe, Ack Williams

Reagan Adams, Blair Bowen, Cole Browndorf, Jason Cannon, Brittany Clift, Sydney Duettra, Kaitlen Eckmann, Sherilyn Farnes, Anne Fulghum, Emily Guanci, Devin McCue, Lauren Monahan, Meraleigh Randle, Alyssa Sanders, Emily Smith, Matt VanHyfte, Jacob Velasquez

Emily Dace, Wes Hoblit, Alec Lewis, Nikki Nguyen, Tammie Rhinehart

Fall 2014
Garret Evans, Brandon Frank, Rebekah Yarmchuk, Taylor Meneley, Brennan Rivas, Lauren Mackson, Henry Hollo, Eric Gerber, Kelly Shara

Spring 2014
Brett Battles, Reed Battles, Ryan Hunt, Anna Leinweber, Louisa Liedtke, Devin Long, Bianca Mariottini, Hannah Moore, Andrew Pennison, Bethany Peterson, David Woodworth.

Fall 2013
Bob Oliver, Jen Monroe, Jordan Kerr, Merrissa Kuylen, Andrea Scott, Hannah Kuhns, Blakeney Hill, Chris Powers, Mike Burns, Isabella Vick, Alex Dudley, Charlotte Coe, Stephen Edwards

Spring 2013
LeAnna Schooley, Evan Ferguson, Elizabeth Howell, Briana Ringgold, Maren West, Ian Nicolay, John Roberts, Kellie Halpenny, Caitlin Beth McKinney, Emily Sears, Emily Sumpf, Anthony Case

Fall 2012
Jeremy Albers, John Richard Alvarado, Theresa Lynn Arias, Ande Brill, Jorge Manuel Castellanos, Lauren Thatcher Duggan, Sophia Marie Gase, Steven Charles Goeken, Scarlet Jernigan, Christian Alexander Lueck, Molly Danielle McCullough, Cathy Moody, Lauren Michelle Olander, Danika Elizabeth Scevers, Cristi Lee Slocum, Ethan Andrew Williamson

Spring 2012
Alisha Cherry, Ashley Hart, Brendan McNeal, Jason Moore, Heather Noel, Thomas Pronske, Kirby Richards, Jeremy Trettel, John Watson