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In the world of rapidly changing technology, information and commerce, a major in history gives you an understanding of the forces that drive change, as well as the analytical skills that transcend mere fads.

You’ll consider multiple perspectives—the human achievements and failures throughout time—that give you a unique insight into the human condition. By interpreting the past, you will better understand contemporary institutions, politics, cultures and yourself. And you’ll be able to help the communities around you make better decisions on matters ranging from public policy to the purely personal.

TCU history majors develop a crucial sense of global perspective along with abilities in critical inquiry, objective research and clear writing that are in demand in a number of professional fields. With the skills of a historian, you will have the resources to encounter the unfamiliar and approach it with empathy and understanding.


TCU Prepares You for Careers

The department gives you concrete support for learning how to maximize the benefits of the history major.

Make Your Major Work! How to Get a Real Job with Your BA, a one-credit course team-taught by instructors from the history department and Career Services, is a required part of the history major. This customized course teaches history students how to navigate their many possible career paths.

Where can all this take you? Recent TCU history graduates use their skills in a range of fields—including business, education, finance, government service, information technology, real estate and law—as curriculum managers, teachers, financial analysts, intelligence analysts, attorneys, gallery assistants and editorial staff to name a few.

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Areas of Study

Expand your horizons with study abroad in more than 50 countries, service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe.

Study Abroad

At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain specific knowledge and skills for a career. You’ll learn by doing, stepping outside the classroom to turn your ideas into action. Internships are invaluable for helping sort out which career path most interests you.


At TCU, you’ll have access to a career consultant who works exclusively with AddRan students. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your career coach who will assess and analyze what you need most. You’ll learn how courses, internships and service projects can broaden the experience on your resume. Learn more about everything career services has to offer history majors.

Career Preparation