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Career Preparation

When you study geography, you come away with a liberal arts education that provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning and enables you to be flexible and adaptable in a rapidly changing world. You’ll learn how to conduct thorough and accurate research, to carefully analyze data, to draw intelligent evidence-based conclusions and to present your findings in a way that’s accessible to others.


Our graduates launch careers in commercial real estate, marketing, government, military intelligence, city planning, energy, oil and gas, and higher education or pursue master’s and doctoral programs in geography and related fields.


Career Services

At TCU, you’ll have access to a career consultant who works exclusively with AddRan students. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your career coach who will assess and analyze what you need most. You’ll learn how courses, internships and service projects can broaden the experience on your resume. Learn more about everything career services has to offer your major.

Terrence Hood's headshot

Terrence Hood
Career Consultant to AddRan College of Liberal Arts

For more information about job opportunities, please visit the Center for Career & Professional Development.

Center for Career & Professional Development