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Combining social and physical sciences, geography is the study of places, and our program uses a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems. Geographers blend a big picture view with observations on the ground, looking for patterns that explain the evolution of people, places and environments. You’ll address contemporary issues like climate change, water resources, and modern agriculture production.


At TCU, geography majors use advanced technology in projects spanning the social and environmental sciences, gaining in-demand skills in data analysis and Geographic Information Systems.


A TCU liberal arts degree prepares you to be adaptable and to thrive in a variety of industries. Our graduates launch careers in GIS, real estate, education, travel, law, medicine, management, the military and intelligence services or seek advanced education in geography, urban planning, business, law and medicine.

Our program employs a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems, preparing our majors to be adaptable and to thrive in a variety of industries – from GIS and real estate to medicine and urban planning.

Areas of Study

Expand your horizons by studying abroad in more than 50 countries, plus service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe. Geography majors can participate in international faculty-led trips to destinations including Europe, Latin America and Australia.

Study Abroad

At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain specific knowledge and skills for a career. You’ll learn by doing, stepping outside the classroom to turn your ideas into action.


When you study geography, you come away with a strong foundation for lifelong learning and the ability to be flexible and adaptable in a rapidly changing world. You’ll also have access to a career consultant who can help you navigate today’s competitive global job market.

Career Preparation