Mark Daku

Assistant Professor
Political Science
Scharbauer Hall 2012A | 817-257-4776


Ph.D., Comparative Politics, McGill University (2015)
MA, Political Science, McGill University (2008)
Hon. BA, Political Science & Philosophy, University of Toronto (2005)
Dip., Computer Programming, Humber College (2000)

Courses Taught

POSC 20093 Scope & Methods of POSC
POSC 20503 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory - Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics
POSC 35003 Topics: Comparative Politics - African Politics
POSC 39003 Computer Science for Social Scientists
POSC 39003 Topics in POSC Methods - Introduction to Data Science Using R

Areas of Focus

Methodology, Text Analysis, Health Politics, African Politics

I am political scientist with multiple, sometimes related, research interests.

Regionally, I specialize in sub-Saharan Africa – specifically South Africa and Uganda, two places where I have lived. I have also travelled extensively in the region, and I have worked in Madagascar, Swaziland, Senegal, and Rwanda.

Substantively, I have an interest in the politics of health. I have written on HIV in South Africa and Uganda, on the importance of employee sick leave, and I have a larger research project exploring the determinants of drinking and driving in South Africa and motorcycle helmet use in Uganda.

Methodologically, I specialize in text analysis, and I am the programmer of Lexicoder, a software package for automated text analysis. Specialization aside, I am a very strong proponent of multiple and mixed methods for political analysis, and I have used a wide range of methods in my research. I am constantly working to expand and improve my methodological toolkit.

Outside of TCU, I am a partner at a consultancy firm which provides data and methodology support for larger Monitoring & Evaluation projects, mostly in the developing world. I have worked on projects for UNICEF, the World Bank, the World Food Program, the Government of Rwanda, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Finally, I am an unashamed music nerd, so feel free to drop by and talk [insert obscure musical genre here] anytime.


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