Joddy Murray

Associate Professor of Rhetoric & New Media
Reed Hall 324 | 817-257-6241


Ph.D. (2003) Syracuse University. Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Dissertation: Imagining the Non-Discursive: Image and the Affective in Inventing and Composing

MFA (1999) Texas State University, San Marcos. Specializing in Poetry, Manuscript: Anaphora Rites

M.Ed. (1995) University of Oklahoma. Adult Education and Higher Learning

BS (1990) United States Air Force Academy. English

Courses Taught

Recent Undergraduate Courses Taught:
ENGL 10113: Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 10203: Introduction to Creative Writing
WRIT 20333: Language, Technology, and Society
ENGL 20803: Intermediate Composition: Writing as Argument
WRIT 30203: Urban Rhetorics
WRIT 40163: Multimedia Authoring: Image & Hypertext
WRIT 40263: Multimedia Authoring: Film & Animation
WRIT 40333: Language, Rhetoric, and Culture
WRIT 40363: Multimedia Authoring: Mobile Apps & eBooks

Recent Graduate Courses Taught:
Image Studies & Multimodal Rhetorics
Language & Theory
Research Methods in Rhetoric & Composition

Areas of Focus

Rhetoric & Composition, New Media & Digital Humanities, Creative Writing, Film & Visual Culture.

“Symbolizing Space: Non-‐discursive Composing of the Invisible.” The New Work of Composing. Debra Journet, Cheryl Ball, and Ryan Trauman, eds. Computers and Composition Digital Press, 2012.

“Composing Multiliteracies and Image: Multimodal Writing Majors for a Creative Economy.” What are We Becoming?: Developments in Undergraduate Writing Majors. Greg Giberson and Tom Moriarty, eds. Logan: Utah State UP, 2010.

“Inventing Non-‐discursive Text in Virtual Collaboration Environments.” Collaborative Writing in Virtual Workplaces: Computer-‐Mediated Communication Technologies and Tools. Beth Hewett and Charlotte Robidoux, eds. Hershey: Informational Science Reference, 2010.

Non-‐Discursive Rhetoric: Image and Affect in Multimodal Composition. Albany: SUNY Press, 2009.