Jeffrey D. Todd

Associate Professor of German and French
Modern Language Studies
Scharbauer Hall 3201 | 817-257-6362

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MA, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, German
MA, University of Cincinnati, French
Magistère, Université de Paris IV (Sorbonne)
BA, Asbury College, History

Courses Taught

Beginning German (3 semester course)
Intermediate German
The German-American Experience
German for Reading Knowledge
German Culture and Civilization
Germanic Mythology
Berlin: A City in Film
Introduction to German Literature
Richard Wagner's Ring des Nibelungen
Study Abroad in Cologne and Berlin Intellectual Life in the GDR
The Poetry of the German Lied

Beginning French
Intermediate French

Beginning Italian

Areas of Focus

German intellectual and political history from 1800-present / jazz music in the GDR

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MOLA Department Chair, 2008-2013
Co-Chair, Language and Culture Fest
Director, Trier Internship
Faculty Senate, 2001-2004, 2007-2008