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Stacie McCormick, “August Wilson and the Anti-spectacle of Blackness and Disability in Fences and Two Trains Running”

Stacie McCormick‘s essay analyzes two characters in August Wilson’s oeuvre: Gabriel of Fences and Hambone of Two Trains Running. Dr. McCormick contends that because of their resistance to regulation, rationalization, and containment in the face of their perceived disruption of various sensorial fields, Gabriel’s and Hambone’s performances constitute anti-spectacle in that they force the characters within the texts as well as the audiences viewing the dramas to engage with them as subjects rather than individuals to be relegated to the margins of the action. Examining these characters gives greater insight into how August Wilson treats blackness and disability in his dramas.



This essay appears in College Language Association Journal, vol. 61, no. 1-2, 2018, pp. 65-83