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Sarah Robbins, “The Best Books on Finding Home in American Storytelling”

Issue 1 Fall 2018Sarah Robbins‘ essay “The Best Books on Finding Home in American Storytelling” appears in the first issue of Athenaeum Review, a new publication that is being co-sponsored (for this and future volumes) by the School of Arts and Humanities and the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the U of Texas at Dallas. As Dear Dennis Kratz notes in his introduction, the publication “reflects and advanced the commitment of [the] School to education that not only transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries but also seeks to create productive connections between the humanities” and other fields, and between “the university [and] the greater community” (“To Enlighten,” Athenaeum, 11). Sarah’s essay–which draws on books read by students in her junior seminar at TCU last spring, joins a book review by department colleague Rich Enos in the inaugural issue of the new publication.