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Sarah Robbins, “Gathering around Hull-House Dining Tables.”

Image result for american studies journal hull houseThis co-authored publication has just been released as lead article in a special issue for the journal AMERICAN STUDIES with a 2018 date, though only now (in 2019) available. The essay grew out of a collaborative research project begun several years ago, when Carrie Helms Tippen was serving as the Lorraine Sherley research associate. Carrie’s dissertation and much of her scholarship focuses on food studies; Sarah has a long interest and publishing record on Hull-House and Jane Addams. The project received helpful support from an AddRan College Urban grant through our dean’s office.

Robbins, Sarah and Carrie Helms Tippen. “Gathering around Hull-House Dining Tables.” American Studies 57.3 (2018): 11-38.