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Linda K. Hughes, “_The Princess_ and the Generosity of Tennyson’s Imagination”

Image result for tennysonThe Princess and the Generosity of Tennyson’s Imagination,” by Linda K. Hughes, has been published in the Tennyson Research Bulletin (U.K.) 11.2 (November 2018): 110-28. Tennyson’s long poem, which went through several versions after first appearing in 1847, took up the then uncommon subject of women’s university education. In addition to detailing changes in the poem that were intertwined with Tennyson’s shifting political and personal contexts, the article details the reception of the poem – often seen as hostile to feminism in the late twentieth century – by nineteenth-century transatlantic feminists. Tennyson’s contemporary women readers, from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others, usually admired the poem, and Stanton quoted extensively from it in one of her addresses written around the time of the Seneca Falls Convention. The cover of the TRB is based on the article and shows an 1885 illustration of a woman university student (a reality by that time) above an excerpt from the poem.