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Joseph Darda, Empire of Defense

Empire of Defense is an extensive and multilayered critique of the past seventy years of American military engagement. Joseph Darda exposes how the post–World War II formation of the Department of Defense and the subsequent Korean War set a course for decades of permanent conflict. Conflict, which the United States, he argues, ingeniously reframed as the… Read more »

Nathanael O’Reilly, New Poems Published in Ireland and Northern Ireland

New poems by Nathanael O’Reilly were published on World Poetry Day (March 21st) in Poetry Northern Ireland’s FourXFour journal, and Nothing Substantial, a creative writing journal published in Dublin. O’Reilly has new poems forthcoming in the journals Antipodes and Backstory, published in the United States and Australia, and has been commissioned to write a personal… Read more »

Nathanael O’Reilly, New Poems Published in Northern Ireland

Five new poems by Nathanael O’Reilly were published in the February issue of A New Ulster, a creative writing journal published in Belfast. He also has a poem sequence forthcoming in the March issue of Nothing Substantial, a journal published in Dublin.

Gabrielle Kirilloff and Jason Helms, TCC Collegian Article

Jason Helms and Gabrielle Kirilloff‘s recent lectures at TCC were featured in the TCC Collegian, including interviews with each of them. The entire article can be read here:

Linda K. Hughes, “_The Princess_ and the Generosity of Tennyson’s Imagination”

“The Princess and the Generosity of Tennyson’s Imagination,” by Linda K. Hughes, has been published in the Tennyson Research Bulletin (U.K.) 11.2 (November 2018): 110-28. Tennyson’s long poem, which went through several versions after first appearing in 1847, took up the then uncommon subject of women’s university education. In addition to detailing changes in the poem that were… Read more »

Layne Craig, “Perverting the Postwar: Sexuality and State Violence in Women’s Literature of the 1920s”

Layne Craig‘s chapter, “Perverting the Postwar: Sexuality and State Violence in Women’s Literature,” was published in the collection Futility and Anarchy? British Literature in Transition, 1920-1940 (Cambridge University Press, December 2018), edited by Dougal McNeill and Charles Ferrall. This chapter discusses post-WWI literature by Virginia Woolf, May Sinclair, and Mary Borden in conversation with woman-authored novels censored… Read more »

Sarah Robbins, “Gathering around Hull-House Dining Tables.”

This co-authored publication has just been released as lead article in a special issue for the journal AMERICAN STUDIES with a 2018 date, though only now (in 2019) available. The essay grew out of a collaborative research project begun several years ago, when Carrie Helms Tippen was serving as the Lorraine Sherley research associate. Carrie’s dissertation and… Read more »

Ann George, Kenneth Burke’s Permanence and Change: A Critical Companion

Newly released from University of South Carolina Press–a top venue for Burke studies. This book is a first-of-its-kind sustained exploration of Burke’s signature 1935 work, designed to give readers new to Burke a way into his theory and to give Burke scholars fresh ways to approach the text by using “archival interventions” to disrupt traditional, even… Read more »