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Faculty Publications

Sarah Robbins, “Gathering around Hull-House Dining Tables.”

This co-authored publication has just been released as lead article in a special issue for the journal AMERICAN STUDIES with a 2018 date, though only now (in 2019) available. The essay grew out of a collaborative research project begun several years ago, when Carrie Helms Tippen was serving as the Lorraine Sherley research associate. Carrie’s dissertation and… Read more »

Ann George, Kenneth Burke’s Permanence and Change: A Critical Companion

Newly released from University of South Carolina Press–a top venue for Burke studies. This book is a first-of-its-kind sustained exploration of Burke’s signature 1935 work, designed to give readers new to Burke a way into his theory and to give Burke scholars fresh ways to approach the text by using “archival interventions” to disrupt traditional, even… Read more »

Em Defesa da Retórica, Dr. Richard Leo Enos

Richard Leo Enos–Piper Professor and Holder of the Lillian Radford Chair of Rhetoric and Composition–was interviewed by Editor Thyago Pereira of RETOR, an international  magazine published in Brazil (Edição de Janeiro de 2019). Professor Enos commented on the current state of rhetorical studies, both in America and internationally, as well as his own views on the nature… Read more »

Joddy Murray, 3 Poems Published

Joddy Murray has had 3 poems published in Carbon Culture Review: The Intersection of Technology + Literature + Art: “Fearfully Great Reptile” (Dinosaur), “Knobbed Lizard” (Nodosaurus), “Three Horned Face” (Triceratops). Congratulations, Joddy!  

Nathanael O’Reilly

Nathanael O’Reilly‘s essay entitled “Terror, Paranoia and Manipulation: The Politics of Fear in Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist” was recently published in Richard Flanagan: New Critical Essays, Ed. Robert Dixon, Sydney University Press, 2018, pp. 155-168. O’Reilly was invited to write the essay by Professor Robert Dixon, Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Sydney and editor of… Read more »

Stacie McCormick, “August Wilson and the Anti-spectacle of Blackness and Disability in Fences and Two Trains Running”

Stacie McCormick‘s essay analyzes two characters in August Wilson’s oeuvre: Gabriel of Fences and Hambone of Two Trains Running. Dr. McCormick contends that because of their resistance to regulation, rationalization, and containment in the face of their perceived disruption of various sensorial fields, Gabriel’s and Hambone’s performances constitute anti-spectacle in that they force the characters within the… Read more »

Linda K. Hughes, “The Professional Woman Writer”

Linda K. Hughes contributes chapter 3 to The History of British Women’s Writing, 1830-1880, edited by Lucy Hartley (U of Michigan) and published last month by Palgrave Macmillan. Linda’s chapter (pp. 56-70) surveys the broader landscape of professional women writers through a focus on Anna Jameson, Harriet Martineau, Marian Evans (later George Eliot), Frances Power Cobbe, and… Read more »

“Transatlanticism,” as a Collaborative Effort Between Faculty, Graduate Student, and Alumn

The transatlantic anthology team of Linda K. Hughes, Sarah Robbins, Andrew Taylor (University of Edinburgh), Heidi Hakimi-Hood, and Adam Nemmers (now Lamar University, formerly TCU) are the collaborative authors of “Transatlanticism” in the inaugural issue of Victorian Literature and Culture under the new joint editorship of Rachel Ablow and Daniel Hack (46.3-4 [Fall 2018]: 917-24) . The editors’… Read more »

Sarah Robbins, “The Best Books on Finding Home in American Storytelling”

Sarah Robbins‘ essay “The Best Books on Finding Home in American Storytelling” appears in the first issue of Athenaeum Review, a new publication that is being co-sponsored (for this and future volumes) by the School of Arts and Humanities and the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the U of Texas at Dallas. As Dear… Read more »