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“Transatlanticism,” as a Collaborative Effort Between Faculty, Graduate Student, and Alumn

The transatlantic anthology team of Linda K. Hughes, Sarah Robbins, Andrew Taylor (University of Edinburgh), Heidi Hakimi-Hood, and Adam Nemmers (now Lamar University, formerly TCU) are the collaborative authors of “Transatlanticism” in the inaugural issue of Victorian Literature and Culture under the new joint editorship of Rachel Ablow and Daniel Hack (46.3-4 [Fall 2018]: 917-24) . The editors’… Read more »

Sarah Robbins, “The Best Books on Finding Home in American Storytelling”

Sarah Robbins‘ essay “The Best Books on Finding Home in American Storytelling” appears in the first issue of Athenaeum Review, a new publication that is being co-sponsored (for this and future volumes) by the School of Arts and Humanities and the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the U of Texas at Dallas. As Dear… Read more »

David Colón, “Marginal Erotics: Roberto Tejada’s Sexiness”

David Colon‘s essay, “Marginal Erotics: Roberto Tejada’s Sexiness” (pp.380-397) was published in American Poets in the 21st Century: Poetics of Social Engagement (Wesleyan University Press), edited by Claudia Rankine and Michael Dowdy.

Linda K. Hughes, “Tennyson, The Princess, and the Generosity of Tennyson’s Imagination”

On June 9, 2018, Linda K. Hughes delivered the annual address at the invitation of the Tennyson Society in Lincoln, England.  The title of her lecture, now an article forthcoming in the Tennyson Research Bulletin, was “Tennyson, The Princess, and the Generosity of Tennyson’s Imagination.”  It dealt with the development of Tennyson’s long poem (1847) about a women’s… Read more »

Dr. Linda K. Hughes, “Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions”

Dr. Linda K. Hughes, along with Dr. Julie Codell of Arizona State University, is co-editor of the recently published book Replication in the Long Nineteenth-Century: Re-makings and Reproductions.This study, supported by TCU-RCAF and TCU Invests in Scholarship grants, explores replication as a nineteenth-century phenomenon. Replication, defined by Victorian artists as subsequent versions of a first version,… Read more »

Jason Helms, Making Rhizcomics

Jason Helms‘ webtext “Making Rhizcomics” was published in Kairos 23.1 (2018). In it Helms reflects on his process of developing and producing Rhizcomics, a born-digital monograph, and argues that “writers of digital scholarly monographs must pay special attention to the eventual form of their work at every stage, from writing a proposal to eventual publication.”… Read more »

Jason Helms, “Making “Comics as Scholarship”: A Reflection on the Process behind DHQ 9.4″

Jason Helms contributed to this methodology article, “Making “Comics as Scholarship”: A Reflection on the Process behind DHQ 9.4,” for Kairos 23.1 (2018). Anastasia Salter and Roger Whitson edited the original issue of DHQ and created this web text in which Helms wrote about the authorial process for his 2015 article “Is This Article a Comic?”  

Matthew Pitt, “These Are Our Demands”

Matthew Pitt‘s second collection of fiction, These Are Our Demands, has been published by Engine Books. The publisher notes that the book’s twelve stories “…range in aesthetic from tidy realism to a more slanted, fabulist bent, and are concerned with the contours of where our culture is headed—whether that means colonizing the moon because of a… Read more »

Matthew Pitt, “A Horizon of Koi”

A new short story by Matthew Pitt,“A Horizon of Koi”, was published in Issue 38.1 of Mid-American Review. This work of fiction was inspired by a painting from a North Texas visual artist. .