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Joseph Darda, Empire of Defense

Empire of Defense is an extensive and multilayered critique of the past seventy years of American military engagement. Joseph Darda exposes how the post–World War II formation of the Department of Defense and the subsequent Korean War set a course for decades of permanent conflict. Conflict, which the United States, he argues, ingeniously reframed as the… Read more »

Sarah Robbins, “Gathering around Hull-House Dining Tables.”

This co-authored publication has just been released as lead article in a special issue for the journal AMERICAN STUDIES with a 2018 date, though only now (in 2019) available. The essay grew out of a collaborative research project begun several years ago, when Carrie Helms Tippen was serving as the Lorraine Sherley research associate. Carrie’s dissertation and… Read more »

Joddy Murray, 3 Poems Published

Joddy Murray has had 3 poems published in Carbon Culture Review: The Intersection of Technology + Literature + Art: “Fearfully Great Reptile” (Dinosaur), “Knobbed Lizard” (Nodosaurus), “Three Horned Face” (Triceratops). Congratulations, Joddy!  

Nathanael O’Reilly

Nathanael O’Reilly‘s essay entitled “Terror, Paranoia and Manipulation: The Politics of Fear in Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist” was recently published in Richard Flanagan: New Critical Essays, Ed. Robert Dixon, Sydney University Press, 2018, pp. 155-168. O’Reilly was invited to write the essay by Professor Robert Dixon, Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Sydney and editor of… Read more »

Dr. Linda K. Hughes, “Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions”

Dr. Linda K. Hughes, along with Dr. Julie Codell of Arizona State University, is co-editor of the recently published book Replication in the Long Nineteenth-Century: Re-makings and Reproductions.This study, supported by TCU-RCAF and TCU Invests in Scholarship grants, explores replication as a nineteenth-century phenomenon. Replication, defined by Victorian artists as subsequent versions of a first version,… Read more »

Jason Helms, Making Rhizcomics

Jason Helms‘ webtext “Making Rhizcomics” was published in Kairos 23.1 (2018). In it Helms reflects on his process of developing and producing Rhizcomics, a born-digital monograph, and argues that “writers of digital scholarly monographs must pay special attention to the eventual form of their work at every stage, from writing a proposal to eventual publication.”… Read more »