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Sarah Robbins, “Gathering around Hull-House Dining Tables.”

This co-authored publication has just been released as lead article in a special issue for the journal AMERICAN STUDIES with a 2018 date, though only now (in 2019) available. The essay grew out of a collaborative research project begun several years ago, when Carrie Helms Tippen was serving as the Lorraine Sherley research associate. Carrie’s dissertation and… Read more »

Joddy Murray, 3 Poems Published

Joddy Murray has had 3 poems published in Carbon Culture Review: The Intersection of Technology + Literature + Art: “Fearfully Great Reptile” (Dinosaur), “Knobbed Lizard” (Nodosaurus), “Three Horned Face” (Triceratops). Congratulations, Joddy!  

Nathanael O’Reilly

Nathanael O’Reilly‘s essay entitled “Terror, Paranoia and Manipulation: The Politics of Fear in Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist” was recently published in Richard Flanagan: New Critical Essays, Ed. Robert Dixon, Sydney University Press, 2018, pp. 155-168. O’Reilly was invited to write the essay by Professor Robert Dixon, Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Sydney and editor of… Read more »

Dr. Linda K. Hughes, “Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions”

Dr. Linda K. Hughes, along with Dr. Julie Codell of Arizona State University, is co-editor of the recently published book Replication in the Long Nineteenth-Century: Re-makings and Reproductions.This study, supported by TCU-RCAF and TCU Invests in Scholarship grants, explores replication as a nineteenth-century phenomenon. Replication, defined by Victorian artists as subsequent versions of a first version,… Read more »

Jason Helms, Making Rhizcomics

Jason Helms‘ webtext “Making Rhizcomics” was published in Kairos 23.1 (2018). In it Helms reflects on his process of developing and producing Rhizcomics, a born-digital monograph, and argues that “writers of digital scholarly monographs must pay special attention to the eventual form of their work at every stage, from writing a proposal to eventual publication.”… Read more »

Joddy Murray, College English: English and Leadership Studies

Co-edited by Thomas P. Miller and Joddy Murray, this special issue of College English sets out a context for three lines of discussion that thread through the articles. The first articles in this issue examine how administrative leadership can serve as a venue for empowering faculty to acknowledge the leadership that is already in place… Read more »