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Faculty and Staff

The Department of English at TCU is home to 31 faculty and staff members who are leaders in their fields. Learn more by clicking on their profile links below.

Rima Abunasser
Ariane Balizet
Bonnie Blackwell
Chantel Langlinais Carlson
David Colón
A. Layne Craig
Joseph Darda
Neil Easterbrook
Richard Leo Enos
Anne Frey
Theresa Gaul
Ann George
Daniel Juan Gil
Sharon Anderson Harris
Jill C. Havens
Jason Helms
Charlotte Hogg
Linda K. Hughes
Gabrielle Kirilloff
Carmen Kynard
Alex Lemon
Carrie S. Leverenz
Brad Lucas
Brandon Manning
Stacie McCormick
Joddy Murray
Mona Narain
Nathanael O’Reilly
Matthew Pitt
Sarah Ruffing Robbins
Curt Rode
Karen Steele

Lecturers & Adjuncts

F. Michele Abbott
Adriane Bezusko
Bridgette Copeland
Theresa Devega
Jennifer Griffith
Megh Johnson
Kristen Lacefield
Carol Lattimore
Christopher Manno
Jessica Menkin Kontelis
Lacie Osbourne
Sebastian Paramo
Eric Stone

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English Faculty and Staff Directory