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Chair’s Message

Welcome to the TCU English Department, where students explore literature, rhetoric, and writing in oral, printed, or digital forms. We offer the B.A. degree in English and Writing, as well as minors in English, Writing, and Creative Writing. Our graduate program offers the Master of Arts in English and the Doctor of Philosophy in English Studies and in Rhetoric and Composition.

Our faculty members are deeply committed scholars who research, publish, and teach in a wide range of areas within English, including American, British, and global literatures, rhetoric, composition, and creative writing. They are also campus leaders and innovators in a number of interdisciplinary areas of study, including Women and Gender Studies, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, Digital Culture and Data Analytics, and the Honors College.

With the skills of writing, analyzing, and interpreting more urgent today than ever, our students distinguish themselves, practicing and refining skills that will endure even as careers evolve in directions we cannot currently foresee. Students pursuing a path of study in the English Department learn to think in new ways – creatively, critically, persuasively. They debate key questions in the humanistic tradition as they were explored in past historical moments and endure in our modern world. They pose questions, analyze problems, and research solutions, honing their written argumentation skills. They creatively express themselves through the nuanced use of language. And as they encounter diverse cultural traditions and perspectives, they develop empathy and an understanding of difference — skills that will enable them to better understand and thrive in our global society.

Theresa Gaul, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of English