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Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies

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At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain specific knowledge and skills for a career. You’ll learn by doing, stepping outside the classroom to turn your ideas into action. Internships are invaluable for helping sort out which career path most interests you.

As a community-oriented program committed to intercultural understanding, advocacy and action, CRES prioritizes community-engaged learning and community-based participatory research. Students in CRES may take regular scheduled community-engaged academic courses or request independent study courses related to individual internships.

CRES majors may also design their senior capstone projects around community-engaged research or creative activity, including intensive internships. Partner organizations include a wide range of local civil rights, immigrant rights, political, women’s, labor and other nonprofits.

CRES works with TCU’s Office of Community Engagement to secure placements.

To enroll in CRES 40993 Internship and Field Experience you will need to complete the application, and receive approval. There are limited openings for this class.

Contact the CRES chair for information about current courses, internship offerings and sponsoring faculty. Students can also secure their own internship placements in conversation with the Internship instructor.

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TCU Policy on Internships

TCU offers hundreds of internships in any given semester and does not support political or personal statements associated with any of them. We evaluate each opportunity to ensure academic value as it relates to a course of study. Beyond that, we encourage you to seek the opportunities that best match your interests and to choose how to best fulfill your internship requirements.