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Faculty & Staff

All TCU faculty, staff and students are eligible to affiliate with CRES.  Faculty and staff may do so as core, associated or supporting members by completing this brief survey.  Students may do so by enrolling in a CRES program of study.


Max Krochmal, History, Director of Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies

Orlando Lara, Associate Director of Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies

Richard Thomas, Academic Program Specialist

Katherine Bryant, Administrative Assistant

Estela Sanchez, Graduate Assistant


Executive Committee

David Colón, English, Director of Latina/o Studies

Emily Farris, Political Science (elected; 2020)

Timeka Gordon, Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services (appointed; 2018)

Lynn Hampton, Honors (elected; 2019)

Lynn Irving Herrera, Honors (elected; 2018)

Zoranna Jones, Harris Academic Resource Center (appointed; 2018)

Jacqueline Lambiase, Strategic Communication (appointed; 2018)

Joddy Murray, English (appointed; 2018)

Santiago Piñón, Religion, Chair of Research Committee

Ebony Rose, Student Development Services (appointed; 2018)

Claire Sanders, History, Director of African-American and Africana Studies

Core faculty and staff are full voting members of the program.  A core member is a TCU faculty or staff member who serves on a CRES standing committee; attends Core faculty and staff meetings and other event and programs sponsored by CRES; and either regularly teaches courses for CRES credit or makes diversity and inclusion regarding race/ethnicity part of his/her/their regular on-the-clock work duties.

Rima Abunasser, English

Erin Atwood, College of Education – Educational Leadership

Rosangela Boyd, Community Engagement

Jean Marie Brown, Journalism

Katherine Bryant, Advancement

Rebecca Cannon, School of Classical and Contemporary Dance

David Colón, English

Sean Crotty, Geography

Glenda Daniels, Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Joseph Darda, English

Ashley Edwards, Center for Academic Services

Emily Farris, Political Science

Melita Garza, Journalism – Bob Schieffer College of Communication

Amiso George, Strategic Communication (STCO)

Dalton Goodier, Office of Admissions

Timeka Gordon, Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services

Lynn Hampton, Honors College

Melanie Harris, Religion

Jessica Hazard, Athletics

Victoria Herrera, Office of Admissions

Jack Hill, Religion

M. Francyne Huckaby, College of Education

Gabriel Huddleston, College of Education

Lynn Irving Herrera, Honors College

Zoranna Jones, Harris Academic Resource Center

Max Krochmal, History

Jacqueline Lambiase, Strategic Communication

Scott Langston, Religion

Alex Lemon, English

Jennifer Martin, Social Work

Stacie McCormick, English

Adam McKinney, School for Classical and Contemporary Dance

Celeste Menchaca, History

Joddy Murray, English

Mona Narain, English

Trung Nguyen, Student Development Services

Kaitlin Page, Housing and Residence Life

Santiago Piñón, Religion

Margaret Ritsch, Strategic Communication

Sarah Robbins, English

Janie Robinson, Nursing

Anne Rooney, Neeley School of Business

Ebony Rose, Student Development Services

David Sandell, Sociology and Anthropology

Claire Sanders, History

Donna Smolik, College of Fine Arts

Brittany Tedeschi, Community Engagement – Student Affairs

Daniel Terry, Provost’s Office, Academy of Tomorrow

Richard Thomas, Athletic Academic Services Organization

Imani Wimberly, Housing & Residence Life

Morrison Wong, Sociology/Anthropology

Darryl Wyrick, Student Development Services

Eric Yorkston, Marketing

Associated faculty and staff are not voting members of the program but may attend any CRES meeting.  They are not required to serve on committees.  An associated member is a TCU faculty or staff member who attends events and other programs sponsored by CRES when possible and regularly teaches courses for CRES credit or commits off-the-clock volunteer time to the program.

Dave Aftandilian, Sociology & Anthropology

Komla Aggor, Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Mikio Akagi, Honors College

Bonnie Blackwell, English

Jesus Castro-Balbi, School of Music

Sean Crotty, Geography

Carrie Currier, Political Science

Michelle Edwards, Sociology & Anthropology

Holly Ellman, Marketing & Communication

Ariel Feldman, Religion and Brite Divinity

Jessica Fripp, School of Art

Theresa Gaul, English and Women and Gender Studies

Jason Helms, English

Jamie Hurst DeLuna, Psychology/Institute of Child Development

Debi Iba, Communication Studies

Donald Jackson, Political Science

Gail Jahzara, Office of Admission

Suki John, School for Classical & Contemporary Dance

Aesha John, Social Work

Todd, Kerstetter, History

Linda LaCoste, EMBA/Neeley

Miguel Leatham, Anthropology Program/Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology

Endia Lindo, College of Education

Nina Martin, School for Classical and Contemporary Dance

Nathanael O’Reilly, English

Katherine Polzer, Criminal Justice

Steve Przymus, College of Education

Jacinto Ramos, Jr., Criminal Justice

Robyn Reid, Library

Ryan Schmitz, Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Rebecca Sharpless, History

Eric Simanek, Chemistry & Biochemistry

John Singleton, Internataional Services

Karen Steele, English

Daxton Stewart, Journalism

John Tisdale, Journalism

Lisa Vanderlinden, Sociology and Anthropology

Laura Vasquez, Office for Community Engagement

Walter (Bill) West, Office of Community Engagement

David Whillock, Film, Television, and Digital Media

Wendy Williams, Honors College

Paul Witt, Communication Studies

Shawn Worthen, Athletic Academic Services

A supporting member is a TCU faculty or staff member who does not regularly teach courses for CRES credit nor work on race/ethnicity on a daily basis, and does not wish to vote or serve on committees, but is supportive of the goals of CRES and wishes to be allied with the program.  Supporting members are expected to attend at least one CRES event or program per semester and are encouraged to donate financially to CRES during the Annual Faculty/Staff Campaign.

Adam Baggs, University Advancement

Mica Bibb, Human Resources

Joshua Blaylock, Modern Language Studies

Babette Bohn, School of Art

Victor Boschini, College of Education

Vanessa Bouche, Political Science

Laura Bright, Strategic Communication

Ellen Broom, Psychology

Chip Burns, Criminal Justice

Casey Call, Psychology – Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

Jodi Campbell, History

April Cano, Office of Admission

José Carrión, Mathematics

Aaron Chimbel, Journalism

Maria Ciriza Lope, Spanish and Hispanic Position

Eric Cox, Political Science

Mark Dennis, Religion

Melondy Doddy, College of Education

Chuck Dunning, Student Development Services

Neil Easterbrook, English

Heath Einstein, Office of Admission

Eric Ekwueme, Student Development Services

Nada Elias-Lambert, Social Work

Dawn Elliott, Economics

Elizabeth Flowers, Religion

Alan Gallay, History

Rob Garnett, Honors College

Dennis Gibbons, Library

Yvonne Giovanis, Campus Recreation – Wellness Center

Stacy Grau, Marketing/Neeley School

David Grebel, Extended Education

Christina  Gutierrez, Medical School

Kylo-Patrick Hart, Film, Television and Digital Media

Anne Helmreich, College of Fine Arts

Charlotte Hogg, English

Linda Hughes English

Shelley Hulme, Office of Strategic Communications Management

Lynn Jackson, Social Work

Hope Jackson, Nursing

Jongkeyong Kim, English

June Koelker, Library

Nadia Lahutsky, Religion

Michelle Little, Art

Francisco Lozada, Brite Divinity School

Brad Lucas, English

Shelly Matthews, Brite Divinity School

Joan McGettigan, Film, Television and Digital Media

William Meier, History

Bonnie Melhart, Academic Affairs — Research, Graduate Studies, and University Programs

Darren Middleton, Religion

Linda Moore, Social Work

Johnny Nhan, Criminal Justice

Kimberly Owczarski, Film, Television and Digital Media

Allison Owen, Mathematics

Sara-Jayne Parsons, Art Galleries at TCU / School of Art

Mary Patton, College of Education

James Petrovich, Social Work

Anna Petursdottir, Psychology

Ray Pfeiffer, Neeley School/Accounting

Ron Pitcock, Honors College

Matthew Pitt, English

Jan Quesada, Religion

Susan Ramirez, History

Marie Schein, Modern Language Studies

Donna Schonerstedt, Honors College

Karen Scott, Admissions

Catherine Serrano, Nursing

Laura Shaw, Student Development Services

Cecilia Silva, Education

Angela Thompson, Sociology

Jason Titus, Housing and Residence Life

Kara Vuic, History

Danielle Walker, Nursing

Patricia Walters, Accounting/Neeley School of Business

Catherine Wehlburg, Institutional Effectiveness

Cathy Young, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences (Nursing)