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Backed by a top-tier research institution, AddRan College of Liberal Arts and its three research centers connect you with opportunities to work closely with your professors outside the classroom. Dig into Texas’ rich history. Explore the human experience of urban living. Improve your projects using digital media writing and data visualization. Discover what our centers have to offer.

The Center for Texas Studies at TCU celebrates all that makes Texas distinctive. The historic, cultural, geological and linguistic diversity that derives from the earliest Native American inhabitants — through the Spanish, French, Mexican and republic eras and into the 21st century — marks Texas not only as unique, but also as a model of how to celebrate the past, the present and the future. History is, of course, central, but Texas literature, anthropology, ethnography, politics, religions, philosophy, design and textiles all are a part of the incredible mosaic of Texas.

Center for Texas Studies


The Center for Urban Studies explores the multifaceted human experience of living in urban environments, using Fort Worth, Tarrant County and the North Texas region as an active learning laboratory. The Institute supports instructional, research and service activities focused on topics such as smart growth, new urbanism, environmental and social sustainability, and quality of life issues in American cities. You could investigate geographical inequities in cardiovascular disease or study the use of geographic information systems in urban planning applications.

Center for Urban Studies


The Center for Digital Expression provides hands-on assistance with multimedia projects for students, faculty and TCU community through workshops, teaching consultations, lab space and digital equipment. Want to be the next blogging sensation or need a refresher on Adobe Photoshop? Join our workshops. We’ll help you brainstorm, troubleshoot technical problems, solve software questions and offer feedback on your projects.

Center for Digital Expression