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Career Preparation

Whether you’re set on a consulting job with JP Morgan Chase, interning with Michael Kors in New York City or starting your own nonprofit organization, TCU can help you get there.

You’ll have access to a career consultant who works exclusively with AddRan students and whose expertise working with liberal arts majors — whose adaptability means that their future job titles often transcend the names of their college majors — is a clear advantage for you.

Think of this consultant as your personal stylist for every phase of your college career — from developing your personal brand early on through locating jobs when you graduate. You’ll learn how courses, internships and service projects can broaden the experience on your resume. You’ll also think beyond your major to uncover your personal interests, preferences and talents.


How to Get Started

Schedule one-on-one meetings with your career coach, who will assess and analyze what you need most. Whether you’re crafting a speech or preparing for a job interview, your career coach is there on the sidelines — pushing you into the game.

Take advantage of everything career services has to offer:

  • Internship scholar program: Students who find their own internships can compete for this scholarship to pay for travel, living expenses, business supplies, etc. This makes it possible for you to consider “dream job” internships far away from campus.
  • Jobs and internship postings on Frog Jobs: Our employee development team’s full-time job is to network with employers across the United States to find jobs and internships to post on TCU’s online jobs listing.
  • Career and internship expos: More than 100 employers attend these campus-wide events, held twice a year.
  • Connect Now e-newsletter: Every two weeks you’ll receive this newsletter spotlighting jobs, internships and career tips relevant to AddRan students.
  • ADRN 20101 — Make Your Major Work: Learn how to articulate your marketable skills, identify your strengths, and determine what jobs are your best fit.
  • University e-portfolio course: Learn how to visually represent everything you’ve learned with potential employers.
  • Interview workshops: Prepare for your interview with a career consultant. Perfect your 30-second intro, know what to wear and learn how to follow up.
  • Model resumes for every major: Instead of using a one-size-fits-all resume, gain a competitive edge with a resume that maximizes your major and its skill set.


Where are They Now?

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Launch your career with a simple phone call. Contact Terrence Hood at 817-257-2222.

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Terrence Hood
Career Consultant to AddRan College of Liberal Arts

For more information about job opportunities, please visit:

Center for Career & Professional Development