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In addition to TCU’s full range of scholarships, AddRan offers competitive scholarships for liberal arts majors in writing, Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC and Spanish.

We offer two types of Air Force ROTC scholarships:


In-College Scholarship Program

All first- and second-year Air Force ROTC cadets are considered for ICSP. Each semester Air Force ROTC higher headquarters releases ICSP eligibility requirements. The Detachment commander then decides who among the eligible cadets will compete for the scholarship. The detachment then sends all applicable information about the cadets chosen to compete for the scholarship back to HHQ. HHQ then compares the info on each cadet from each detachment around the country and chooses scholarship recipients.


High School Scholarship Program

HSSP scholarship recipients who attend Texas Christian University are eligible to receive additional benefits:

TCU ROTC Room & Board Grant: $10,500 per year for up to four years
TCU ROTC Activity Grant: freshman year half-tuition grant for three-year Type-2 HSSP recipients

HSSP information/application. HSSP applications are due by Dec. 1 of your senior year of high school.

In addition to the scholarship opportunities listed above, Air Force ROTC also offers a Commanders Scholarship, The Caldwell Scholarship Award, Academic Achievement Awards and many others. Air Force ROTC works closely with several organizations that support our program, both financially and as mentors.