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Leadership Opportunities

At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain specific knowledge and skills for a career. You’ll learn by doing, stepping outside the classroom to turn your ideas into action.  The Air Force offers many unique internships and leadership opportunities.  For details on the following opportunities, please contact the Aerospace Studies Department. Operations Air Force (Ops AF), Civil Air Patrol (CAP), Expeditionary Skills Training, Intro to Soaring Program (SOAR), Air Force Academy Freefall (AFAFF), Field Training Research Lab (FERL) USAFA Basic Military Training, Cadet Training Assistant Program, National Character & Leadership Symposium (NCLS), Global Strike, Army Air Assault School (AAAS), Gathering of Eagles (GOE), AFROTC Cadet Exchange Program, Leadership, Education, Development Experience.  In addition Air Force also offers Project Global Officer (Project GO), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Advanced Cyber Engineering (ACE), Special Tactics Orientation Course, National Reconnaissance Office, Summer Internship Program, Air Force Research Laboratory, ACE Cyber Security, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Combat Rescue Officer Shadow and Orientation Week.


TCU policy on internships

TCU offers hundreds of internships in any given semester and does not support political or personal statements associated with any of them. We evaluate each opportunity to ensure academic value as it relates to a course of study. Beyond that, we encourage you to seek the opportunities that best match your interests and to choose how to best fulfill your internship requirements.