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At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain specific knowledge and skills for a career. Internships are a great way to learn by doing.

Internships allow you to test the theories you learn in class and make connections between books and life. You’ll gain valuable work experience to enhance your resume and get the chance test drive some of the many career directions for your liberal arts degree.

See below for internship opportunities available to all liberal arts majors:


Fort Worth Sister Cities International

AddRan College students with any major may apply for an internship with Fort Worth Sister Cities International, a nonprofit organization committed to cultivating successful relationships and international understanding among youth, adults, businesses and organizations of Fort Worth and its sister cities. The focus is on educational, leadership and exchange programs.


The London Internship Program

Each fall and spring term TCU sends 10 to 15 students to London for an internship experience. This program is open to all TCU students regardless of major.

Students generally receive nine to 12 semester hours of credit for an internship of roughly three or four days per week. The internship credits count as political science hours, unless students have arranged for alternative credit through their major departments. Students may also register for a full load of academic courses in London.

For more information, contact Professor Donald W. Jackson at or 817-257-7395. Applications for the London Centre are available from the Study Abroad Office in Sadler Hall room 16.

Check your department’s website for major-specific internship opportunities.


TCU Policy on Internships

TCU offers hundreds of internships in any given semester and does not support political or personal statements associated with any of them. We evaluate each opportunity to ensure academic value as it relates to a course of study. Beyond that, we encourage you to seek the opportunities that best match your interests and to choose how to best fulfill your internship requirements.