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African American and Africana Studies

The African American and Africana studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that offers an introduction to the study of African intellectual heritages locally and globally.

The AAAS minor focuses on the global links across the African diaspora, and examines the contributions of the African intellectual heritages as key components of American culture. Classes engage the entire African diaspora, including the study of Africa, African, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Asian, African American, and mixed-race cultures.

Because it is an interdisciplinary program, students pursuing the African American and Africana studies minor take courses in religion, English literature, English rhetoric, history, sociology, anthropology, political science, women and gender studies, the modern languages, education and more. With its emphasis on interdisciplinary study, the African American and Africana studies minor encourages students to conduct research across disciplinary and departmental boundaries.

The African American and Africana studies minor provides academic and career advising, research training, leadership skills development, peer mentoring and local/global community learning opportunities and engagement, including study abroad for students.

Students who take advantage of these opportunities gain the skills and abilities to be effective leaders and responsible citizens in an increasingly culturally and ethnically diverse society.

Students must complete 18 hours, including:

  • Six hours from ENGL 20593 — Introduction to Literatures of the Global African Diaspora, HIST 40873 — The Civil Rights Movement in America, POSC 31523 — The Civil Rights Movement in America, or RELI 10043 — Understanding Religion: Society and Culture
  • 12 hours from courses that carry the AAAS attribute, from at least three different departments
  • No more than nine hours may be taken throughout the minor program in any one department
  • At least nine hours must be at the 30000 level or above

See the course catalog for a complete list of course offerings and descriptions.

Course Catalog