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Interdisciplinary Programs

Customize your degree by adding an interdisciplinary program.


Asian Studies

The minor in Asian studies provides a broad background in Asian culture, history, language and politics, allowing you to explore Asia from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.


British and Colonial/Post-Colonial Studies

The British and colonial/post-colonial studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the culture and history of Great Britain and its former and current colonies.


Classical Studies

Minoring in classical studies gives you the opportunity to study the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome through a range of perspectives and approaches.


Digital Culture and Data Analytics 

The Digital Culture and Data Analytics minor shows how technology shapes contemporary culture.


Human-Animal Relationships

The Human-Animal Relationships minor gives you the chance to explore the crucial, diverse, yet often overlooked roles animals play in human society, culture and well-being.


Middle East Studies

Middle East studies students gain a comprehensive understanding of the history, religion, culture and politics of the Middle East and North Africa.


Urban Studies

TCU’s interdisciplinary program in urban studies is available to any undergraduate student seeking a multi-disciplinary exploration of cities, an understanding of urban life challenges and the capacity to improve your community.