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At TCU’s AddRan College of Liberal Arts, you’ll be challenged to ask big questions about the world around you. You’ll master the skills that employers want – from teamwork to complex problem-solving to global awareness. Earn a degree that positions you as a versatile, ethical leader able to adapt to different industries and emerging job functions.



Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

The Air Force ROTC is a four-year educational program designed to provide theoretical and applied leadership experience to become an Air Force Officer while you complete your bachelor’s degree. You’ll develop the analytical, communication and critical-thinking skills to be adaptable and thrive in a variety of careers.


Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies

Comparative race and ethnic studies encourages students to critically examine racial and ethnic identities as an essential step in becoming ethical citizens and leaders in today’s global community.


Criminal Justice

The TCU Criminal Justice Department prepares graduates to compete for a variety of challenging positions in various criminal justice fields or for graduate work and/or law school. You’ll dissect patterns of criminal behavior, analyze how crime can be prevented, and determine how you can help create a safe and orderly society.



Our program offers three majors (economics BS, economics BA and international economics BA) and two minors (economics and international economics). Our distinctive curriculum produces skilled analysts who enjoy career flexibility – from investment banking to oil and gas to consulting, the economics mindset is strong preparation for many career fields.



With BA majors in English and writing; minors in English, writing and creative writing; the MA in English; and the Ph.D. in English or rhetoric and composition, you can find the courses and faculty that will help you meet your goals – or define new ones. By studying literature and writing, you’ll learn how to make connections between ideas, construct persuasive arguments and respect multiple viewpoints.



Geographers blend a big picture view with observations on the ground, looking for patterns that explain the evolution of people, places and environments. Our graduates launch careers in GIS, real estate, education, travel, law, medicine, management, the military and intelligence services or seek advanced education in geography, urban planning, business, law and medicine.



TCU history majors develop a crucial sense of global perspective along with abilities in critical inquiry, objective research and clear writing that are in demand in a number of professional fields. By interpreting the past, you will better understand contemporary institutions, politics, cultures and yourself. And you’ll be able to help the communities around you make better decisions on matters ranging from public policy to the purely personal.


Military Science (Army ROTC)

Military science offers opportunities to develop confidence, self-esteem, leadership and life skills to succeed in college and beyond. Each program includes the option for qualified students to benefit from a tuition-and-fees scholarship, and TCU offers room-and-board grants for qualified ROTC scholarship winners. Upon completion of the requirements for the bachelor’s or master’s degree and military science training requirements, students are commissioned as second lieutenants.


Modern Language Studies

By learning foreign languages, you’ll expand your cultural network, broaden your appreciation of other cultures, and gain a better understanding of yourself. A degree in modern language studies opens doors in a variety of industries, from business and journalism to teaching and foreign services. In fact, we believe the most effective global citizen of the 21st century will thrive in at least two different languages in different cultures around the world.



Philosophy is the original academic discipline — the first and most basic, dealing primarily with the notions of meaning, knowledge, truth and goodness. By exploring the deepest, broadest questions of life and thinking critically about global and humanitarian issues, you’ll be poised to create real change in the world. Our grads forge strong careers in business, law, education, medicine, politics and many other fields.


Political Science

Political science students explore the nature and history of American politics and international affairs to become more conscientious global citizens and to prepare for successful careers or graduate study. You could work side-by-side with national leaders in TCU’s 35-year-old Washington Internship Program, conduct research with faculty, or engage the global community through the award-winning Model United Nations program or a summer study abroad course.



At AddRan College of Liberal Arts, you’ll learn to approach religious traditions historically, textually, philosophically and comparatively. You’ll consider the role of religion in society, culture and individual life. And you’ll investigate issues that really matter. With a degree in religion, you’ll acquire knowledge and skills — cultural competency, analytical thinking, communication skills and writing skills — that you can apply to any endeavor.


Sociology and Anthropology

Sociologists and anthropologists study people – how we interact with each other and our environments, how our cultures are organized and made meaningful and how we evolved into our current forms. You’ll learn how to navigate complex and social structures and influence social policy and change. You’ll develop transferable skills – critical reasoning, social sensitivity, leadership and knowledge of social institutions – to be successful in any career.


Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Developing a working knowledge of Spanish is increasingly important for employment in many areas of the country. Our department offers a dynamic program that goes well beyond Spanish grammar to prepare students as global citizens. Our curriculum explores diverse dimensions of the Spanish-speaking world, including vocational and experiential learning – literature, health, business, translation, popular culture and more.