Areas of Study

Areas of Study Degrees Program Minor/Emphasis
Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)  
African-American and Africana Studies  
Anthropology BA  
Asian Studies  
British and Colonial/Post-Colonial Studies  
Classical Studies  
Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies BA  
Creative Writing  
Criminal Justice BS, MS  
Economics BA, BS  
English BA, MA, Ph.D.  
Geography BA, BS  
History BA, MA, Ph.D.  
Human-Animal Relationships  
International Economics BA  
International Relations  
Latin American Studies BA    
Latina/o Studies  
Middle East Studies  
Military Science (Army ROTC)  
Modern Language Studies BA  
Philosophy BA, BS  
Political Science BA, BS  
Religion BA  
Rhetoric and Composition Ph.D.    
Sociology BA, BS  
Spanish and Hispanic Studies BA  
Spanish for Business Professions  
Spanish for Health Professions  
Urban Studies  
Writing BA