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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Guanci

Class of 2017
Major: History, Minors: Political Science and Mandarin Chinese


Current Job Title: Fenway Ambassador

Current Job Description: The Fenway Ambassadors are part of the Fan Services and Entertainment Department for the Boston Red Sox. As a Fenway Ambassador, I am responsible for ensuring that all visitors of Fenway Park have the best experience. During the baseball season, I am responsible for all pre-game and in-game ceremonies that take place involving both fans and Red Sox players. I serve as the link between the fans and the team by assisting fans with any special requests or needs while visiting Fenway Park. During the off season, I am in the office to help with special events hosted by the Boston Red Sox such as fundraising events. Furthermore, I am able to take part in helping The Red Sox Foundation give back to the Boston community by touring local charities, businesses, and schools with the Red Sox World Series Trophies.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in a similar career? 

Growing up in Boston, I attended many Red Sox games. I never expected to be able to work for such an amazing organization that I grew up idolizing. If you are passionate about something, be involved as much as possible.

How did you major in AddRan prepare you for your job?

I have always been passionate about History, thus declaring History as my major was a given. The Red Sox are one of the most iconic baseball teams in history and being able to work for them has made me feel a part of this amazing history. I feel as though I am able to take my passion as a History major and bring it to my work at Fenway.

What was your favorite thing about your program of study at TCU?

My favorite part about the History program at TCU was the extensive selection of courses that were offered. I was able to take classes in subjects that I never thought of studying. I took classes about various periods of history and learned how each connected and applied to modern day history. I was always learning something new.

Do you have any advice for students who are currently studying the liberal arts?

I believe studying the liberal arts is the most important and useful education foundation one could have to prepare for the future. Studying the liberal arts allows one to pursue a wide variety of careers. The liberal arts has much to offer any student. If you find the subject that you are passionate about, pursue it because it can take you anywhere.

Would you like to give a special shout-out to a professor at TCU?

I would love to give a very special shout-out to my advisor, Dr. Meier, who always helped me with my classes each semester, provided me with some of my most memorable history classes, as well as always letting me visit his office for advice or for discussing history.

I would also love to give a very special shout-out to Dr. Stevens with whom I took the most history classes. His guidance as a my history professor helped me find my passion for United States History.

I am truly thankful for the support that both Dr. Meier and Dr. Stevens gave me throughout my time at TCU.