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Why Study the Liberal Arts?


#1 Earn More

Liberal arts majors’ long-term earnings outpace professional fields by 3 percent, according to the Association of American Colleges and Universities. 


#2 Think Beyond the Technical

To advance in the workplace, you’ll need more than technical skills. With a liberal arts degree, you’ll gain the writing, complex reasoning, creativity and innovation needed to succeed throughout your career — and to pivot when technical skills become outdated and opportunities change.


#3 Deliver What Employers Want

Two-thirds of employers want college graduates with a broad knowledge in the liberal arts, according to an American Association of Colleges and Universities survey of employers. Employees with a liberal arts background tackle projects requiring complex and creative thinking.


#4 Prepare for Career Flexibility

From here, your TCU education takes you anywhere. Be an urban planner, a criminal investigator, a teacher, a hospital chaplain or a translator. A broad knowledge base, cultural competency and commitment to lifelong learning equip you to grow your career in any direction.


#5 Be Relevant in Today’s World

You’ll identify and analyze the forces that drive the world: politics, anthropology, religion, race and many others. The common thread throughout all your classes is understanding — and ultimately improving — the human condition.