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Board of Visitors

The AddRan College of Liberal Arts Board of Visitors is a volunteer body that provides feedback, recommendations and support to advance AddRan College’s mission and vision.


Frank Anderson ’95
Betty Arvin ’83
Joseph Brown ’08
Cole Bryan ’04
Carrie Cothrum ’09
George Duggan
Michael Geekie ’09
Macy Hill ’02
Donald Jackson
Terry James ’03
Stephanie Kaiser ’96
James Korth ’96
Samuel Kyei ’87
Jack Larson ’86
Elva LeBlanc
Sharon Millians ’70
Jack McCallum ’93
DeReall Moore
Yonina Robinson ’02
Jim Sexton
Aaron Shutt ’04
Carl Stroud ’98
Steve Stroud ’06
Adrian Terry
Jeffrey Tessier
Brian Treger ’00
Richard Truitt ’99
Kenny Thompson ’04
Dan Verboski ’06
Latonya Woodson ’97

For further information, contact the dean’s office.